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About Tara


After graduating from Northwestern University in 2017, I was selected as an AmeriCorps Teaching Fellow and trained in a one-on-one teaching program that is known to be more competitive than admission to Harvard Graduate School. Subsequently, I traveled to the Czech Republic on a Fulbright grant to teach English and writing to high school students. Since 2019, I've worked as a writing tutor specializing in application essays and have tutored 300+ students.

My Story

My love of writing stretches further back than I can remember. My grandmother said that I filled notebooks with fake letters before I knew how to write. Both of my parents were journalists, and enjoyed being my unofficial writing teachers. When I asked for their feedback on school essays, they would never give me abstract advice and send me away. Rather, they rolled up their sleeves and walked me through the slow, iterative process of editing and refining. My teaching style is very much informed by these memories, as I believe that writing can only be learned by writing.  

From 2013-2017, I attended Northwestern University where I studied English and film. During my summers, I worked as a production intern for a PBS/Ken Burns documentary film, and though I had expected to do more traditional production work, I was tasked with writing marketing emails for the film's promotion. Some days my visionary boss would ask me to write a letter to the pope, other days to the White House. I was fascinated by how the right combination of words could be the difference between a yes and a no. And I was amazed when the White House actually said yes and invited the filmmakers to screen the documentary. 

After graduating, I was selected as an AmeriCorps fellow and worked for one year at a charter school in Boston. There, I tutored students one-on-one and helped in the college counseling department, where I first worked with students on their Common App personal statements. 

The following year, I was awarded a Fulbright grant to teach English in the Czech Republic. My students there asked for my help with their application essays to exchange programs and boarding schools abroad, and I learned that the values and expectations of American admissions offices are very culturally specific. Once, I helped a Czech student brainstorm a response to the question, “What has been your greatest challenge?” She began telling me about how she lived with her grandmother, who she found very annoying. When I told her that would not put her in a good light, she replied, “Why not? I’m being honest.” Whenever I work with international students, I draw from these experiences because the American admissions system is in fact very culturally-specific. 

Currently, I work with students one-on-one in addition to developing a writing curriculum, video course, and AI education tools. It’s truly a joy to work with students from all walks of life, to hear their life stories, and help them achieve their dreams.

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